It is difficult to find the right words for the devastating and inhumane acts of violence in Ukraine. For a week now, Putin has been opposing democracy, humanity, the rule of law and international law with his declaration of war on Ukraine. VICTORIA PIDUST and VOLO BEVZA  are two young Ukrainian artists whose works inspire us and with whom we work closely through gallery projects. Both are currently in Lviv, from where they are building street barricades and tank hedgehogs together with artist friends, welders and engineers. Expressing sympathy and solidarity seems like a drop in the bucket these days. But Volo and Vici tirelessly emphasize that this means an infinite amount to them. We want to do more! It is a happiness to work with young artists and to see their visions grow. This also means giving them support - and at the moment it doesn't need support in the form of an exhibition, but help in the form of donations. Money is urgently needed to buy more material for barricades that will be used defensively. Your help is needed! The gallery has set up an account through which we transfer all donations received towards Ukraine. Unfortunately, since we are not an official aid organization, we cannot issue receipts for donations, but we vouch that the money will be used only for materials and living expenses. Please feel free to write to us if you would like to support Vici and Volo. 

Interview with Vici & Volo