The war of aggression against Ukraine resurrects the ghosts of the 20th century: The Russian president legitimizes the destruction of a country with a Jewish head of state and recovered Jewish life as a "denazification program," and his supporters stylize themselves as Nazi persecutees. Has history become a video game, as Eva Illouz recently wrote in DIE ZEIT? Is violence repeating itself because there is no common memory in the post-Soviet space, as Olga Grjasnowa pointed out in SPIEGEL? And do we in Germany even have a map of common cultural history on which we can place Ukraine? STUDIO BONN. Discussion at the Bundeskunsthalle The Common Ground SKY OVER EUROPE Art and Culture in Times of War Talk in English with Eva Illouz, Olga Grjasnowa and VOLO BEVZA. Moderation: Kolja Reichert; available here